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He Still Calls Me Bunny

It’s with great joy, that on June 18th, Roger and Virginia will celebrate 40 years of marriage.

They met in 1970 while living at the, what at that time was, HGH’s state of the art Campus in Lakeside.  Virginia was a junior at Grossmont High School and volunteered for a special project. With the help of her teacher, they constructed a bunny made out of paper mache and paint. Virginia proudly took it back to the campus for everyone to see.  When Roger spotted the bunny, he was very curious to meet the person who made it. From that day forward, he has called Virginia “Bunny.”

Roger and Virginia have been living independently in our community for many years now.  They still have an affinity for rabbits and have collected bunny themed things over the years.  Roger recently retired from volunteering at Johnson School and spends much of his time reading books from the public libraries. Virginia stays busy with her Life Program thru the San Diego Regional Center, gatherings with their friends from church, and everyday activities.

Congratulations to Roger and Virginia.  We wish them another 40 years together.