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Transportation Services

Initiated in 2012, HGH now offers specialized transportation services for individuals with developmental disabilities who also experience significant physical and/or medical challenges.  The HGH fleet of adapted vans transport adults to day programs throughout San Diego County. The availability of this service enables adults with profound medical needs to connect with others in their community in a safe and effective manner.

HGH drivers and aides have certifications in CPR and First Aid as well as VDDP certification (Vehicles for Developmentally Disabled Persons.) Additionally, all transportation employees fully embrace the HGH mission of “Improving the lives of those we serve” as is evidenced by their specialized training and commitment to working with persons with developmental disabilities.

Funding for this specialized service is provided by the San Diego Regional Center. For more information, please contact HGH Transportation Department at (619) 741-4242.

Si desea más información el programa de transportación, comuníquese con el director de servicios de apoyo al (619) 741-4242