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Residential Homes

Home of Guiding Hands is more than just a place to live, we provide individuals with residential training and support at 31 homes located throughout San Diego County. By providing comfortable, friendly living environments with varying levels of support and training, 24 hour care and supervision, residents are able to live, work and play in their community.

HGH is one of the largest providers of residential services for people with developmental disabilities in San Diego.

HGH uses a whole person approach to service provision; we consider and address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of the individuals we support. Using a structured teaching approach, our support staff provides stimulating learning environments for individuals to develop cognitive concepts, communication, social and daily living skills. We strive for promoting and enhancing their personal well-being through a range of community-based activities and training programs.


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Adult and Senior Services:

Residents are encouraged to participate in activities that match their personal abilities and interests, such as assisting with cooking, cleaning their rooms, doing their laundry and planning and participation in recreation and leisure activities.

HGH residents thrive in their homes; there they have fulfilling lifestyles and individualized attention; increased opportunities for self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and community membership. A number of our homes are universally accessible for individuals who might need additional supports with ambulation.

Our homes are licensed as Intermediate Care Facilities for the Developmentally Disabled, Habilitative (ICF-DD/H), through the Department of Public Health. For more information, contact Marcia Vanlandingham, Vice President of Operations at (619) 938-2878 or Marcia@guidinghands.org.

Children, Adolescent and Behavioral Services:

Our Residential Program supports children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities achieve their dreams by overcoming barriers to living, learning, and recreating in their own community. The program also emphasizes a parallel process of behavioral change and skill development.

We provide nurturing homes in San Diego County that are staffed with capable professionals. HGH is dedicated to helping children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities achieve independence through guidance and training, while promoting self-advocacy and family inclusion.

These homes are licensed by the California Department of Social Services, CCL, and are funded by the San Diego Regional Center. For more information, please contact Marcia Vanlandingham, Vice President of Operations at (619) 938-2878 or Marcia@guidinghands.org.

Healthy Living:

A big part of our day involves getting out for some physical activity. Throughout the year, we offer sports and fitness programs that align with the seasons, including skiing, swimming, baseball, basketball, volleyball and bocce ball.

Adults and kids also love to get out in the community to walk on the track at the local high school or hike in the area’s numerous parks and trails. Engaging in these activities together increases an individual’s connection to their peers and community, and allows them to live healthy lives.

Gardening and Art Programs:

In the spring residents get a chance to grow some of their own food and learning in a hands-on way about the nourishment that goes into their bodies. They started plants from seeds, participated in tilling soil, planting seedlings, and reaping the harvest of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and the house favorite—strawberries!

Art expression is an important part of the activities at HGH. Adults and kids participate in art programs taught by a volunteer artist. Projects may include: color mixing, painting, collage, and chair painting. Our art teacher focuses on developing the unique potential in each person. For more information please contact Marcia Vanlandingham, Vice President of Operations at (619) 938-2878 or Marcia@guidinghands.org.

Si desea más información sobre el programa de servicios residenciales, comuníquese con la vicepresidenta de operaciones al (619) 938-2850.