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Life Planning Project

What will happen when family members can no longer care for a loved one with a disability? How can the family be sure the individual with intellectual disabilities will live the best life possible, in a safe and supportive environment? What will their child’s life look like in 25 years?

The Life Planning Program provides the opportunity for families to identify the factors that will ensure the quality of life for their child throughout his or her lifetime. Parents consider what needs to be in place for the quality of life to continue when they are no longer able to provide care.

The Life Planning Program consists of a six-session workshop series designed to give families the tools they need to develop a life plan that incorporates the future needs and desires of the entire family, focusing particularly on the needs of the family member with an intellectual disability.

Each highly interactive session focuses on one component of the life planning process. Support systems, living options and legal issues, including conservatorship and Special Needs Trusts are all addressed. The program is offered in English and Spanish. Workshops are available throughout San Diego County and Imperial County.
Please contact Wendy Smith, Respite Services Coordinator at 619-938-2876 or wendy@guidinghands.org.

This service is vendored by the San Diego Regional Center; please check with your Service Coordinator to request funding. Private payment is also accepted for families that are not affiliated with the San Diego Regional Center.

2017 Workshop Schedule:

1)  San Diego location (winter) – Coming Soon

2) San Marcos location (winter) – Coming Soon

3) HGH location (spring) – Coming Soon

4) South Bay location (spring)- Coming Soon

Si desea más información sobre el programa de planear la vida, comuníquese con el coordinador de servicios de relevo al (619) 938-2876.