HGH Board

At Home of Guiding Hands, we are fortunate to have dedicated support from our volunteer Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, Board of Governors, HGH Housing Corporation Board of Trustees, and several volunteer committees.

Individuals who serve on boards and committees provide valuable oversight, insight and guidance. Additionally, members offer support and establish policy in the areas of fund raising, community relations, operations, human resources, finance and strategic planning.

The Board of Directors meets every other month on the second Tuesday. The members serve a four-year term and officers are elected annually by a majority of the Board.

The Board of Governors is an advisory board that meets at least annually in conjunction with the Board of Directors’ annual meeting. Its purpose is to strengthen ties between HGH and community friends, serve in an advisory capacity in specific areas of expertise, assist with increasing support for HGH, and provide input concerning the agency’s performance.

The HGH Housing Corporation Board of Trustees oversees the two U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) projects that HGH received funding for in 2003. HUD purchased and renovated two of our community homes and provides a small monthly stipend to HGH in the form of rental assistance for the 12 residents with developmental disabilities who live in these homes.

2013-14 Board of Directors


  • President, Susan Havens
  • Vice President, Mary Miller
  • Secretary/Second V.P., Debby McNeil
  • Treasurer, Michael Harris
  • Immediate Past President, James O’Grady


  • Brenda Busher
  • Nora Cole
  • Marcie Hanna
  • David Keltner
  • Ben Trovaten
  • Lea Zanjani


Mark Klaus

2013-14 Board of Governors


  • Jim Allison
  • Michelle Beisner, RN
  • Robert Carne
  • David Catalino
  • Carole Jean Close
  • Bob Daily
  • Cliff Diamond
  • Rick Doremus
  • Mike Fausett
  • Susan Fike
  • Gary Fong
  • Gail Glutting
  • Chuck Hansen
  • Steven L. Hoefer
  • Roger Hueppchen
  • Ed Jarrell
  • Randy Jones
  • Glenn Kellogg, MD
  • Bob Koering
  • Dick Marrs
  • Michelle Metter
  • Chuck Muse
  • Mark Ochenduszko
  • Stacey Poon-Kinney
  • Keith Richards
  • Evelyn Riddick
  • Stuart Scott
  • Judith Shaplin
  • Irene Stone
  • William Verbeck
  • John Vorhies
  • Dave & Charlene Walker
  • Don & Ann Walker

Anja & Aquilla 2013-14 Board of Trustees

  • President, Dave Walker
  • Vice President, Stuart Scott
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Susan K. Fike


  • Mike Fausett
  • Debby McNeil
  • Judith Shaplin

We are currently recruiting community members to support our mission. For more information regarding board involvement, please contact Mark Klaus, President/CEO: markk@guidinghands.org or (619) 938-2857.


About HGH

Home of Guiding Hands (HGH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation (Tax ID #95-6058273) that provides quality support and training services to individuals with developmental disabilities. As an industry leader for more than 45 years, HGH is dedicated to providing innovative services that meet and exceed the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Located in San Diego County, we offer a wide range of services including residential living, independent living, early childhood development, respite care, life planning, and transportation services.

Home of Guiding Hands

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